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Making our transactions safer

Lucra's vision of the future

Precision compliance for payments

Current compliance solutions to safeguard payment transactions are broken. Businesses and consumers are fighting on the front lines of APP fraud without any viable defences. Manual, analogue tools across fragmented verification processes drain time and resources. Compliance obligations are constantly changing and becoming more complex to manage.

Lucra was designed to change that.


We want to make payment transactions safer by transforming payments compliance into a precise, digital process. We'll achieve this integrating all required information, controls and checks into a unified, accurate process that doesn't compromise when operating at scale.

For us, this will be a next generation transaction execution platform.

Building blocks of our vision

Bank account verification and AML screening

A fundamental cause of friction in payments is the risk of fraud. Solve this, and you not only speed up the process but also establish trust and confidence.

e-IDV, source of funds and wealth and corporate DD

Client and counterparty onboarding and diligence is an integral part of any business transaction. By introducing these capabilities, Lucra delivers cost, convenience and security benefits for all parties.

Bank-to-bank payments

Armed with verified KYC, AML and bank account data, Lucra will enable customers to complete secure account-to-account payments. No more manual entries into finance systems. No more payment fraud or fat finger errors.

Modern transaction execution

Bank verification. KYC/AML. Payments.
All under one roof.


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