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Transforming verification processes with digital precision

Lucra digitally integrates information from banks, credit agencies and other trusted sources into a straightforward verification process.
All deployed and operated, straight out of the box.


Bank account verification

Digital pre-payment screening solution to verify bank accounts before making payment.

Bank Account Verification

Use 17 different verifiable data points to detect anomalies, spot risks and validate bank account ownership with precision. Lucra provides access to over 1,800 financial institutions across the UK and EU.

Payee details

Ownership validation

Account holder mismatch detected

Name given

Bank account

Elaine Bennis

Jan Smith

Account No.


Sort code


Transaction activity analysis

Low activity alert

Oldest transaction

1 August 2023

Total infow


Latest transaction

17 August 2023

Total outflow


Total transactions


Period of activity

17 days

ID and AML screening

AI-driven ID and anti-money laundering screening that's self-configurable to meet your exact needs.

ID and AML Screening

ID verification for individuals and businesses. State-of-the-art sanctions, PEP and adverse media capabilities. All performed and monitored in real-time for ultra-efficiency.

Company Overview

XYZ Limited

London, UK


Corporate structure

Sanctions lists

Latest media coverage


AML and sanctions


Simple and efficient

Lucra is designed to be a light touch as possible. Collect all the information you need with just a few clicks.

How does it work?

1.     Your clients and counterparties receive an email invitation.

2.    They create an account with Lucra (no downloads required).

3.    They input their personal or corporate details.

4.    They securely access their bank account using open banking.

5.    Done. Details and verification results appear in your dashboard.

Welcome to Lucra

Complete your validation form

1. Complete personal details


Elaine Bennis


15 June 1967


456 Latimer Rd


N1 E2Z

Confirm Details

2. Select bank account

Select Bank

Select Account


Connect Account

Complete Validation


Simple and flexible. Only pay for what you use.

Start on a PAYG basis

With option to move to a discounted annual contract once usage patterns are established. This ensures that you're not locked into any long-term commitments before value is demonstrated, while also delivering transparency and certainty on pricing.

Modular pricing

Products charged individually, so you have flexibility to consume one without the other.

Contact sales for our rate card.

Data protection & security

We've built in data protection and security at the heart of our products.

Lucra implements and maintains leading industry cyber security measures to keep user data safe.


This includes encrypting sensitive information at rest and in transit to prevent user data from being human readable, as well as storing data in specific regions to adhere with data residency requirements.

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