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Precision compliance for payments

Lucra's vision for the future

Compliance that's efficient, correct and drives transactions forward. Welcome to
precision compliance.

Current compliance solutions for payments are broken. Manual, analogue tools across fragmented processes drain time and resources away from value generating activities. Transactions get delayed. Mistakes happen.

Lucra was designed to change that.


Our vision is to transform payments compliance into a precise, digital process. We want to integrate all required information, controls and checks into a unified, accurate process that scales with our customers' growth. It's time to move payments compliance into the digital age.

How we'll get there

Bank verification. KYC/AML. Payments. All under one roof.


Today's compliance tools are disparate and fragmented. This will be a problem for the world of tomorrow.

Compliance isn't a silo. Today, it's a compulsory component to core business activitites. With global regulatory regimes cracking down on anti-money laundering and financial crime, compliance obligations will increase.

Core business activities will suffer if the right compliance processes are not in place and disparate tools are employed. Businesses will need an integrated, seamless solution to meet olbigations and ensure core business isn't compromised.

Fully loaded compliance solution

Access the world's best information databases to screen individuals and businesses. Coupled with electronic ID verification and 24/7/365 monitoring, Lucra will help law firms and businesses easily meet regulatory and commercial obligations - all from a single platform.



Adverse Media




Manual payment execution creates high risks

Mistakes happen when setting up and executing payments. We're only human.

But regulators and customers are not foregiving.

Manually triple checking payment details takes too much time and effort, and does not scale, inhibiting growth and profit. A digital, automated solution is needed.

Direct bank-to-bank payments

Lucra will enable secure and easy direct account-to-account payments using validated bank details. No more manual entries into finance systems. No more payment fraud and error risks. This is what modern payment execution looks like.


Account Details

Create Payment



Initiate payments

Payments Approved

Payments Outstanding

Select Account


Payments Completed

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