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Our story begins with our mission

Making our economy safer by eliminating authorised payment fraud from our transactions

Fraud detection and mitigation is broken

We now live in a digital banking world.
But still manually verify banking details.
Our manual verification tools and processes are failing to stop authorised payment fraud.


APP fraud in UK last year

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AI cloning and deep fakes will compromise telephone call-backs


UK businesses and individuals fell victim in 22'

Passionate experts and innovators dedicated to solving the problem

Lucra's technology is designed by lawyers and risk experts with direct experience in authorised payment fraud. We've assembled a team of passionate individuals applying their expertise to deliver ground-breaking innovative solutions to eliminate fraud.

Backed by the best

Lucra is proudly backed by some the UK's leading angel investors in fintech, regtech and legal tech, who believe in our mission and are vested in making our economy safer for all.

Image by Annie Spratt

Come work with us

We're on a mission to make our economy safer by eliminating authorised payment fraud. Our small, agile and passionate team has accomplished a lot, but still has much more to do.

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