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We help law firms and sole practitioners succeed in a digital world

 Client money transactions are stuck in the analogue world of yesterday. Repetitive, manual tasks cannibalise time and attention. Client experience is poor. Compliance, risk and payment challenges abound.

In a world where nearly every interaction and experience is now digital, why should law be the outlier? 

Benefits of using Lucra

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  • Focus on legal work, not admin. Law firms and laywers are hired to provide the best possible legal advice and get deals done for clients. Compliance and risk related admin often gets in the way of this. We created Lucra so that fee earners and their support staff could stop spending so much time on admin, and more on what they're paid to do: delivering quality legal advice and transaction execution.

  • Mitigate risk. Losing or making errors with client money can not only create a liquidity crisis but also ruin the reputation of a firm or solicitor. Mistakes ultimately  come down to the quality of the information and the people acting on it. Through digitisation, Lucra protects the firm and its clients by improving the accuracy of information and enabling seamless processes.

  • Improve client relationships. It's all about making clients happy. Let Lucra help you digitise your client interactions and experiences, and strengthen your reputation as a leading, innovative law firm.

  • By lawyers, for lawyers. Lucra was built by lawyers who understand the processes and requirements around client money and client accounts. Our technology is meant to work alongside and improve existing processes, not dictate new ones.

  • Flexible, modular solutions that meet needs. Have an overlapping AML/KYC solution? Not ready to change how you run your client account? That's OK! We built Lucra as a modular platform knowing that firms need flexibility to pick and choose the right technology solutions that meet their needs.

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