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Use Cases/Verification

Client facing teams

Client-facing teams use Lucra to deliver a seamless and efficient compliance process for clients. No more manual forms, phonecalls or email chasers. No more spreadsheet trackers. Just frictionless bank verification and time given back.

Benefits of using Lucra

  • Protect client data using the best systems available. Lucra captures bank account data using Open Banking, which is the most secure way for clients to share sensitive payment and financial data.

  • Free up time. Lucra's streamlined and automated processes liberate time to focus on value creation for clients and your wider organisation.

  • Smooth transactions. With seamless capture and verificaiton of bank accounts, Lucra lets you efficiently progess through your closing process, delivering faster deal closings and payments.

  • Be a true innovator. Use Lucra to show clients you're at the forefront of technological innovation. Our next generation anti-fraud technology sets the standard for how bank account verification will operate in the world of tomorrow.

How does Lucra achieve this?

  • Start to finish in just a few clicks. Lucra is designed to do all the heavy lifting. Set up a matter room and invite clients and counterparties to complete validation forms, all in just a few clicks. The platform handles the rest.

  • Simple and easy to use. Lucra makes completing a validation form effortless for clients. With no app downloads or file uploads required, clients can easily provide all the necessary information with minimal effort.

  • Centralised information and collaboration. With its minimalist design and intuitive dashboard, Lucra enables seamless collaboration and visibility between you and your colleagues. Information and analysis are centrally captured for easy access and instant insights. Audit timelines deliver accountability and transparency.

  • Versatility and global reach. Whether you're verifying a payor or payee, business or individual, Lucra can verify them all. Our technology is process independent, meaning you can deploy it on any transaction, at any time, for any client or third party. With access to over 1,800 financial institutions across the UK and EU, Lucra provides comprehensive coverage for  local and global transactions.

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