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Use Cases

Banking and Payments

Fight APP fraud with the next generation of payee verification technology

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Detect and prevent APP scams before payments are made

Lucra delivers a unique verification process that arms banks, EMIs, PSPs and BaaS providers with verifiable and enhanced payee data to detect and warn customers of potential APP scams and mitigate loss risks

Move beyond Confirmation of Payee. Achieve real APP fraud detection and deterrence with an API solution that delivers real protection to you and your customers.

Unmasking fraudsters

Lucra unlocks previously inaccessible payee data to build account activity profiles in real-time. This lifts the veil on account usage and age, enabling detection of key APP fraud indicators with rapid precision.

How It Works

Request details

Payor sends payee request to share bank account details via open banking

Perform analysis

Transaction and account profile analysis performed by Lucra and delivered back to payor Bank/PSP

Issue warnings

Bank/PSP uses profile analysis data to issue automated specific and tailored warnings to payor in real-time

Take action

Payor reviews warning and decides to proceed with or cancel payment

High quality, individual specific data

Access to payee transaction and account data enables delivery of tailored and specific warnings to customers that help meet obligations under new reimbursement regulations

+    Higher quality payee data obtained

+    Greater ability to assess likelihood of fraud

+    Customers empowered and protected

+    Pay out risk greatly mitigated

Simple and transparent pricing

API plans are offered on an annual basis with monthly usage bundles. Bespoke plans are available for enterprise-level usage.

Why we exist

Lucra's mission is to keep payments safe from APP fraud. Every step of our process, every aspect of our technology has been built to defeat scammers. We exist to help you meet the challenges and opportunties of the modern fraud landscape.

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