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Precision compliance
for payments

Handle all your payment controls and checks with just a few clicks. Digital precision to complete transactions on time and correctly, with Lucra.

Our services

digital compliance.

We automate your payments compliance processes.  Be compliant with less time, cost and manual effort, and more time to focus on generating value for clients and your business.

AML and sanctions screening
Bank account verification
Continous monitoring
Payment approvals
Payment initiation

Fully integrated, future-ready platform,
with all the features you need

Bank Account Validation (beta)

Lucra's one-click account technology allows you to effortlessly validate bank account ownership and details to ensure you have the right information to execute your transaction payments and prevent fraud. 




Validation Form

Account Holder

Select Bank

Connect Account

Validation Report

Validation summary

Onboarding and Monitoring (coming soon)

Lucra centralises compliance processes in one place. Run global sanctions, adverse media and PEP checks, as well as client onboarding and real-time monitoring all from a single platform.

Company Overview

XYZ Limited

London, UK


Corporate structure

Sanctions lists

Latest media coverage


AML and sanctions


Payments (coming soon)

Create, approve and initiate payments in one digital process, reducing the risk of fraud and errors.


Account Details

Create Payment



Initiate payments

Payments Approved

Payments Outstanding

Select Account


Payments Completed

Create Report



Built by lawyers and business experts to work for all transactions

Insider knowledge delivers solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of transaction processes and dynamics

Lawyers can use Lucra on property, M&A and other transactions where they receive or send client money

Lucra can help businesses with AML and sanctions screening of customers and suppliers

Individuals and firms with fiduciary and regulatory obligations can use Lucra to discharge obligations and services

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