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Precision compliance
for payments

Protect your clients and business from authorised payment fraud with the most accurate and verifiable data available

Payee details

Ownership validation

Account holder mismatch detected

Name given

Bank account

Elaine Bennis

Jan Smith

Account No.


Sort code


Transaction activity analysis

Low activity alert

Oldest transaction

1 August 2023

Total infow


Latest transaction

17 August 2023

Total outflow


Total transactions


Period of activity

17 days

Anti-fraud bank account verification

Detect fraud

Confirmation of Payee checks are inadequate. AI and deep fakes will compromise telephone verification. Lucra provides access to underlying bank account data to spot fraud.

Reduce risk

Lucra removes the risk of human error and inaccurate information from carrying out manual checks by automating data capture and screening.

Eliminate manual effort

Say goodbye to phone calls, email chasers and manually updated spreadsheets. Lucra cuts down all that admin time with a digital, streamlined process.

Deliver compliance

Digitally verifiable data improves risk detection and enables precise decision making. Lucra delivers the information reqiured to evidence compliance with efficiency and accuracy.

Deployed and operated with clicks, not code.

Lucra integrates information from banks, credit agency and other data providers into a straightforward verification process.

Individuals and businesses. Payors or payees. Lucra digitally captures information from clients and third parties with just a few clicks.

Bank Account Validation Form

Validate Payees


Account Details

Submit Details

Deposit funds


Validation Form

Select Bank

Select Account


Connect Account

Account holder

Transaction details

Verify account name, number, sort code and how long its been operational. All with authenticated data received directly from over 1,800 UK and EU banks.

Fulfil screening and monitoring obligations on clients and third parties. Maintain real-time vigilance against money-laundering risks and threats.

Company Overview

XYZ Limited

London, UK


Corporate structure

Sanctions lists

Latest media coverage


AML and sanctions


Validation Report

Validation summary

Bank account details

Audit timeline

Verified bank account information.

Analysed transaction activity.

Completed AML checks.

Audit timeline.

All neatly delivered in a single report.

Use Cases

Discover more how Lucra benefits your role

Compliance, risk and governance officers use Lucra to protect their organisations against threats and deliver precise, auditable compliance

Client-facing teams use Lucra to improve client experience and free up time for value-creating activities

Finance personnel use Lucra to obtain accurate and verifiable payment details and improve efficiency of payment checks and controls

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